How set the date and time for a "ultronic " world time calendar?

How set the date and time for a "ultronic " world time calendar?

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Answered: How do i switch to military time?

First, you have to learn how to count up to 24.

Answered: How do I restore calendar dates that I accidently deleted?

Hi Joseph: Unfortunately, the feature you are requesting is not available. Tell us what you think by visiting AOL Calendar FAQs .

Answered: Can I do calendaring on AOL?

On AOL 9.x, Keyword CALENDAR.

Answered: How to reinstall set volume day/date calendar and time on aol - For AOL Calendar ---------- Windows 7 use Gadgets - With gadgets you can put a clock or whatever on your desktop.

Answered: Do you believe this guy? How many more times will he have to be wrong

Atheists R always wrong. Bitter lunatics w/o merit. No 1der ppl laugh @ them so much. A's deserve all that ridicule.
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