how rescue dried out barbecue ribs?

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Answered: Spare ribs

I've never cooked Thai sweet and sour ribs, but when I cook ribs, I take the recipe from Chili's baby back ribs. I cook them long and slow, about 200 or 250, until they're basically done, then steam them for a while. That makes for meat falling off the bone tenderness, which I like. I never put ...

Answered: How long to keep roasted standing rib roast

I think 2 to 3 hours are sufficient for making a rib roast but also depend you how much time or how long to keep roasted standing rib roast. ...................................... Spit Roast Catering

Answered: How do I make a REALLY GREAT barbecue pit? It takes smoke, heat, and

My ex had a great one built by one of his welder buddies out of iron pipe; it was great. My granddad did it the old fashioned way, by building one out of bricks. Depends on how much effort you want to put into it; there are plans you can google online for all kinds of stuff like that.
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What to have with barbecue ribs?

Fresh grilled vegetables - mushrooms, zuchinni, onions.... and salt potatoes. I do like the sound of cole slaw too though! Why not all 3 and BBQ ribs! My mouth is watering typing this!

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