how quickly will prostate shrink after neutering a male dog?

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Answered: Male dog neutering

You don't need to do much. I think the vet will tell you to keep the area with the stitches as clean as possible (trying not to let the dog lick the stitches). I hope this answers your question.

Answered: 5 year old neutered pitt wa.

Yes he can, all neutering does is stop the male from fetilising the female.

Answered: My Cat is still spraying after being Neutered!

I wanted to say "could not" in my answer. I apologize for that.
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No I don't want to breed him. But there is a dog in heat and I want to be 100% sure that if he was just (within a week) neutered he cannot impregate her. I was told it can sometimes take 6-8 weeks for there to be 100% certainty there is no sperm left.

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I would hope not also had a male minn pinn neutered and he still got with my female and no more puppies.

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This is an update...I took my dog to the vet to be tested to see if there was any ovarian remnant left from when she was spayed and it came back positive. There are drugs that they could take to stop the bleeding but there are alot of side effects and its lifelong drug therapy. We chose to do ...