how power imbalances impact conflict?

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Answered: Who has the power to declare war?

A government of a country... or sometimes militias, or terrorist groups.

Answered: What is the impact for WOW Power Leveling

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Answered: Imbalance in Cats

It could mean that your cat isn't feeling well. It's difficult to know. I've never heard of animals suffering from seasonal depression or anything, but it's certainly possible. I'd go to the vet just to have your cat checked out, to make sure that she's healthy. Maybe he/she will have some ...

Answered: Alkaline Imbalance and BO

Actually I think your food intake influences your BO anyway. I guess the acid deficiency makes it worse.

Answered: Selecting a for-profit organization of interest, you will research an

looks like the company needs broad-based regulatory mechanisms to streamline the conflicting accounting principles. Transparency could be key to overcome openings for corruption.

Answered: How is forgiveness a part of conflict?

Forgiveness is never a part of conflict: it is the END of conflict, and results in healing all around. Some cults of unbelievers despise forgiveness because it does not line their pockets with filthy lucre. Islam and atheism leap immediately to mind as two truly repugnant examples of that game ...
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Who do you call if a tree knocks down your power wire?

As the property owner, you must remove the offending tree or the power utility will do so for you -- at your expense.

Space heater and solar power

A standard fixed 12 volt solar panel can charge a battery for 4-4.5 hrs on a clear sunny day. A standard 12 volt car battery can hold 30 amp hrs of power. A small 1500 watt heater running for only 8 hrs at night would require you to have a solar array of ten 100watt panels on your roof and 30 car ...

What is the uninterrupted power supply?

"Un-interupted" power supplies consist of the following: 1. Backup generator with sufficient fuel to run as long as any anticipated power outage. That depends on your area, the reliability of your power utility, and your weather. 2. Transfer panel with automatic start capacity. This panel ...

VHF power amp. needed

FCC Rule 6510.4A restricts all VHF and UHF non-encrypted communication to licensed FAA Ground Controllers, IFR rated pilots, and instructors. In no case may you exceed the antenna power rating on your radio. Control Towers operate under a different license: it is obvious that such equipment be ...