how pioneers cured rabies in 1800s.anwerscom?

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Answered: How do I find how much a shawl from the 1800's is worth?

Find an antique store where someone with knowledge of vintage clothes is. Ask for an appraisal.

Answered: Hiv cure by dr agbalazzy , email him for cure

stop roaming about looking for help where there is a real HIV/AIDS herbal medicine doctor that can cure your HIV within 2weeks of medication, contact ( for your herbal treatment today. or call +2349030470743

Answered: Bible from 1800s and Albert Leighton Rawson, 1829 - 1902

I bought one today at a garage sale 34th ed. dated 1850 inscribed Phipps family Bible Burlington

Answered: Who made a lever action shotgun in 1800's?

Winchester made the first successful lever action shotgun. It was introduced as the model 1887, although the inventor (John Browning--surprise,surprise) built a working prototype model in 1885.

Answered: Do squirrels carry

Amazing! I have never heard of raising squirrels before, Seeing a Dr. wouldn't be a bad idea then having been gone for that long, You might want to have your dog checked as well. I goggled the symptoms for you::::: Symptoms After the symptoms of rabies appear, the disease is nearly always ...
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Can rabies be contracted if you have rabies shot ...

your dog would have to have been bitten by the skunk while it was in a rabid state. Yes, it is in the saliva. Once an animal is bitten, the disease must travel throughout the blood stream into the spinal cord and then from there into the brain and salivary glands. Once there, it is usually when the ...

How did pioneers treat dysentery during the 1800's?

they mixed pine leaves with water and egg white. This was disovered by Gregory Colloni.

Chinese workers and miners in America in the 1800's.

They were no survivors of the massacre. The site is 60 miles up river from Lewiston Idaho accessaible by foot or jet boat. Said site can be found on Goggle Earth under Chinese Massacre Cove. Nearly all the Chinese miners were men with families back home. Details of the incident were hidden and not ...