How old when you first took your dog's knot?

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Answered: My dog ate some chocolate

She didn't get that much chocolate from 1/4 cookie, probably less than 1/2 ounce. 1 ounce of semi-sweet (that's what McDonalds uses) would be mildly toxic for a 4 pound dog. Likely symptoms are hyperactivity, restlessness. But she may not need a vet. Vomiting or diarrhea is possible. Watch out ...

Answered: How does age affect dogs, is it similar to that of a human? What can I

Mac, here's a great article that tells you what you can expect as your dog gets older.

Answered: Dog waste removal service

Psychotic Extraneous Thinkers Association?

Answered: How can I expect my dog to react if I introduce a ...

I would watch them very carefully when introducing them. It depends on the temperament of both dogs involved. You may want to put them both on leashes and let them get to know each other while you still have control of the situation, just in case one tries to attack the other. I would also make ...

Answered: Mad Dog aka Punyamurtula Kishore MD , Is there a National Library of

Punyamurtula Kishore MD aka MAD DOG MILLIONAIRE IS A liar and a fraud. There has never been a National Library of Addictions or a Amerixcan College of Addiction Medicine in Massachusetts or anywhere in the United States, except on paper. The mysterious National Library of Addictions Of all the ...
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How do i keep my english bull dog from overheating?

Keep him away from the bitches.

How do i keep my english bull dog from overheating?

English Bulldogs are notorious for heat problems. It can be best to limit the dog's exposure on hot days to what a tired old man could handle. If the dog begins to snort, it is time to douse the dog with cool water and seek shade.

Help me Keep My Dogs PLEASE

You can either get rid of 2 more dogs, or you can move to another city that permits 5 dogs.

Help with dogs with diarrhea

My new puppy just had the same thing. She had dirreah with blood in it. We noticed that we let her eat a different type of food than the one she is use to eating. So after a while and still her poop is dirreah, we decided to go to the vet, and they said they wanted a poop sample. And so we gave them ...