how old is my HP computer?

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Answered: We bought a new computer over a year andright away ...

If your problem is Trojans, you need anti-virus software to remove them. You may be going to a web site that installs them; that could be why it continues to affect replacement computers. You might not be speaking to HP techs. If you got a phone call and gave them access to your computer, you let ...

Answered: Hi, i have a HP 2000 laptop and it crashed after ...

If it crushed then there is something wrong with the compatibility of the laptop and the operating system. The best thing to do so that things will not get complicated is to ask help from a computer expert and let him fix everything in your computer.

Answered: HP Pavilion Repair

It would be better if your consult it to the store where you buy it. I am sure there is still a warranty service for that. Or you can also ask help from a computer expert to fix the problem.

Answered: I installed aol.on a new computer and old mail is not there

When you install AOL on a new computer, mail saved "on my PC" does not get moved to the new computer unless you copy the PFC to a new computer. Mail saved "on AOL" is available. Also your old mail and new mail should be available on a new computer if you install as an existing account.

Answered: Is it safe to use my old computer games on my new one ?

Old games may no longer adhere with the specifications of new computers and you might have problems regarding compatibility. For sure, if you will just search, you can find new versions of your favorite games and that is a better idea other than to turn out disappointed once your old game fails to ...

Answered: I have heard a bit about Microsoft Cloud. However, I still do not get it

It means that you do not have to have the software on your hard drive. It also means that you do not own the software, and if someone decides to charge you rental fees, you are screwed. It also requires in internet connection.
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I dont understand the question. This is a section for asking questions about IT training and such.

How to get read mail to old email page there isn't an old mail listed in

The new Inbox view for email keeps both read and unread mail in the Inbox. The New/Old View is the old way. You can switch back and forth between the different views. Aol.'s help has the informaiton on how. Switch from Inbox view to the New/Old mailbox view - AOL Help

Hp pavillion 9000 start= it goes ...

You didn't say your operating system or wheather it's a desktop or laptop. If a computer gets to hot it will cut off. Clean out the dust in it. If that's not the problem than I suggest a repair shop.

Is there a site that still uses the old aol stock screener or something

This web site list old versions of AOL.