How old is Merle Haggard's wife?

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Answered: How do you find out who your soon to be ex wife ...

Do you think someone out there keeps a list of who everyone is cheating with? Hire a private investigator.

Answered: Old gospel song Jesus the Nazarene

I hope the gospel song give me the word.

Answered: Old camera collectibles - I have two boxes full - around 30 total, along

I have a box full of old typewriters; do you want to swap?

Answered: Lead Guitar Tab - Merle Haggard

I buy guitar tab music off of eBay. Some people sell new books, or used, just shop around until you find what you like at a reasonable price.

Answered: 48 year old wife chasing her son's 20 year old best freind

Are you sure it's sexual attraction? She could just think of him as a son. I've gotten close to my kid's friends but I tend to think of them all as my babies. I do think visiting him at work and texting him all the time is a little strange. My question to you is why do you feel threatened by a ...
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