How old is Kelly Ring?

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Answered: What are F.O.E. rings?

All lodges have rings signifying the name of the lodge and one's standing in it. Sometimes a lodge has a second order: e.g. Freemasons invite certain 32nd Degree Masons to the Grotto or Shrine. It is a sign that one has met the highest moral standards and lived an exemplary life to have this ...

Answered: What does 0 14 8 mean inside old ring? These numbers are inside of small

I would assume the 14 states the gold content of the ring..The other two numbered triangles are not known to me..24 would indicate pure gold..12k would be 50 %gold..

Answered: Rings

I think all ring have its bill and also carved a no on inner side of ring. From this you can measure ring's authentication and all details. Or you can get it from the touch of Ireland.

Answered: What is an Eternity Ring? Is it also a wedding ring?

No not yet...!!! The Irish Claddagh ring is well known as a Wedding as well as the engagement ring...!!! You can buy from the shop named "The touch of Ireland".

Answered: What people think of Anniversary rings?

We think you like to ask ridiculous questions about rings every single day. Do you have some kind of weird ring fetish or something?

Answered: Kelly Clarkson

Fuck you. You've asked this moronic question numerous times before.
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What are the most common ring sizes? you can measure her ring size on a piece of paper

Are your rings cast or Are your rings cast or die-struck, and which is

WHat ever it is he does will be the best, count on it.

Is 14K yellow gold sufficient for an engagement ring?

yes the higher the karat the higher the content percentage of gold. 24karat is pure gold. The thing to remember is the higher the karat the softer or more malleable the gold ring. 14k is a very good choice with a wedding ring. It is going to stay beautiful and more likely to keep it's shape.

What is the best way to sell a diamond ring?

Sell direct to the person who wants one, if you sell to a jeweler or pawn shop they won't pay it's value, they make the money.