how old is Frances Swaggart?

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Answered: Mail sent to old address

Send email to and describe the problem. AOL is able to restore access to email as an alias to your email address. AT least, I was able to restore the access to day, waiting time is less then 8 hours I send them following email and the problem was resolved ...

Answered: My old e-mail account

how can i get my old mail from donna.pennybaker sented to

Answered: Inneed old emails that was sent to me from two accounts from 2007 thru

If something was important to you, you would have saved it on your computer, right?

Answered: Have You Ever Visited France?

Unfortunately, I never get a chance to be there, But I will surely go there some day..

Answered: Where did France built its canal in 1869?

I think you are talking about the Suel Canal (egypt)

Answered: What are all major rivers ,lakes, seas, oceances and mountains of

well there are a lot..why don't you check a map ?
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