how old is a glass windex bottle?

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Answered: What are some of the most recommended baby bottle brands? I want to make

We use Nuby baby items. Nuby is made by a company called Luv n Care. Their products are inexpensive yet good quality. Their baby bottles and sippy cups are bpa free. When your baby moves on to sippy cups, you can buy ones from Nuby that have the replacement spouts so you aren't throwing away all ...

Answered: Old bottles

Around for a while and specializing in bottled oil. An ad is placed in a Moby Dick book. There is watch oil . But as to the history of Ezra Kelly's itself - no idea. You might have to ask a historian in the company's city.

Answered: Glass bottle with molded finger grips

We have lots of them. Clear glass, screw top, round, quart size. "Federal law forbids sale or re-use of this bottle" just below shoulder. Finger grips for right hand. Neck and shoulder ribbed, decoration resembles that on Jim Beam. We live in an old hunting camp in rural Tampa Bay area & found lots ...

Answered: Can Windex cause wood floors to become slick???????????

The main ingredient in wood floor wax removers is ammonia. Windex is made of ammonia. So, I guess if you spilled Windex on a waxed wood floor it would dissolve the wax and make the floor slimy/slippery.

Answered: Has anyone seen the new mountain dew in glass bottles?

The're not GLASS they are alluminum. I was hoping to find glass

Answered: Value of old moutarde diaphane mustard barrell shaped bottle by: louit

What was the answer to the Moutarde-diaphane mustard bottle worth question?
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