How old do labrador retrievers get?

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Answered: Inneed old emails that was sent to me from two accounts from 2007 thru

If something was important to you, you would have saved it on your computer, right?

Answered: Is there a way to retrieve an email from 2010? When I search they show up

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Answered: How to Train a Labrador Retriever Mix

Thanks. I know my dog is wonderful and your advice is good. It is my intention to do just that, but money is a little tight at the momen.

Answered: What do I need to know before getting a labrador puppy? Are they a good

You will need a lot of room, what is their last name? Retriever they were breed to run for 12 hours a day. Always remember most breeds where breed for a job, retrievers where hunting dogs I shoot a bird, dog runs to get it and brings it back all day long they never get tired. Watch Marley and Me.

Answered: Can a lab about a year and 2 months old have hip problems?

I'm very sorry to say this but the answer is yes. Hip problems are common in Labs. Most often it occurs when they are older but from time to time younger Labs experience problems. Young Labs are usually treatable via operation or medication depending on the prognosis

Answered: Labrador Retreivers: activities?

Hi, Actually, you can ask your local veterinarians about Lab clubs. Maybe they have some information. And also if your dog is AKC registered you may get information from them.
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about 8-10 well thats what my dogs had!!!! thanks!

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