How often do we swallow?

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Answered: Swallow 2 drop of Clorox can kill you

Please, Tadpole, try out for the Darwin Awards..................

Answered: How can something you put in your mouth and swallow get into your

We breath through our mouths and we drink and eat through our mouths. There is a small flap of skin at the back of our throat. When we eat and drink, that flap covers the top of the windpipe to prevent the food and drink entering the windpipe. If you laugh or talk while drinking or eating ...

Answered: What to do when child swallows feces. My youngest ...

I think you were right to give lots of fluids. It's probably not the best thing to consume, but I'm guessing if it's a one time thing it was washed out without lingering damages :) Best of health to all of you.

Answered: Swallowing pills

Scientifically speaking it isn't. It is psychological. You think it's easier so it is easier.

Answered: 2 1/2 year old swallowed coin without incident--what now??

my daughter swallowed a penny yesterday afternoon....she has preschool tomorrow so i wont be with her to "check" for the coin. is this something i need to keep her with me at all times to make sure it passes? what if she goes at school and I miss the opportunity to find it....what a nightmare!

Answered: Spit or swallow?

Consult Reverend Cooper for spiritual help.
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What should you do if you swallow spiriva

It appears from the safety sheet that swallowing one Spiriva capsule won't have serious consequences. You won't get the medication that you need, but it is not absorbed well internally. You might call (800) 542-6257 for advice on what to do if you have symptoms of overdosage.

Why cant swallow cause pancreas cancer?

The pancreas is somewhat near and dear to me. I died of it. Of course, my indomitable spirit, the blessing of the Goddess and the excellent hospital staff brought me back. My ex wife's husband died last year about this time of pancreatic cancer. This, of course, frees the path for me to win her ...

Why is it if i take allergy medicine my tounge and throat are to dry and

That's what antihistamines do. They dry up a runny nose, but they also dry up your mouth. Diphenhydramine also causes drowsiness. The patient information says to talk to your doctor if dry mouth persists or worsens. To relieve dry mouth, suck (sugarless) hard candy or ice chips, chew (sugarless ...

Vhat happens if you swallow a handful of a variety of coins

So. You're saying that change is not necessarily good?