how much with the auction get for the sale of cars in pierce, ne?

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Answered: Government auction cars, bank repossessed cars for sale?

The sale of repossessed vehicles can prove to be a really great business for both its initiators and its end-receivers. People or the institutions that sell these cars gain money, storage space and cut off their expenses related to these cars, while their buyers get the cars they want at prices they ...

Answered: How much do auctioneers pay their clerks

They put a different amount of money in each envelop, one per clerk, and then they have the clerks bid on them.

Answered: How do I find a police auction or government auction for vehicles in my

The local newspapers, specifically the classified ads section, can give you the information about these auctions. But for a more comprehensive search, the world wide web is the best way to find one. For more details, feel free to visit DMV's Buy and Sell section.

Answered: Craigslist Nashville, used cars for sale by owner

Yeah, so what's your question? Does this look like Craigslist? Do we look like used car salesmen?

Answered: Seized cars for sale, cheap repo car sales?

You must do what we all do; call, postal mail or email every county treasurer in each state. Cheers!

Answered: Impoundeded cars for sale, Repossessed cars for sale?

It requires a lot of leg work to find out.
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Repossessed cars for sale, auto repo sales

Had you settled this, might have dropped off.

Impounded cars for sale?

Call the local county assessors office. You also need to ask them the process. Most states auction them off on the courtyard steps once a year. Cheers!

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