how much will it cost to register a 1998 jeep cherokee in gwinnette county, ga?

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sorry i can't help you, maybe you must ask to professonal mechanics

Answered: What was the last year for a two door Jeep Cherokee sport?

The Sport was a trim level throughout the product range on several years in Jeep. In 2001 all models had the Sport trim level, but was also the last year the Cherokee (XJ) was sold in America. It was slated for replacement for quite some time, in fact at one point Jeep was telling dealers that the ...

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wanted to know the gas milage &and good price one that has 114000.0

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Well, it may vary according to the material and the place where you are leaving now. But if you want to ask the actual cost then you may visit Contact US page of DT Technologies.

Answered: 1990 Jeep Steering Slop

maybe your service dealers can solve this problem
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It varies a lot between areas. The toughest part though would be to remove it. The one I had taken off was very challenging for the mechanic. The location is often tough to get at and it's easy to strip the nuts. I've never had a cherrokee thogh.

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Distributor stator was broken check ok engine off , start the engine it was open no signal thanx

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You mean besides the aggravation?

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maybe this link can help your problems :