How much will clay soil settle?

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Answered: What types of soils are in different states of ...

Hi Here you will find all the maps you need to answer your Q. Every country and any type of sand.

Answered: After your clay is fired for the proper time, do you leave it in until

Yes, by waiting untill it cools down you avoid themal stresses to be created in the clay (and those stresses might crack or even break the piece).

Answered: How do i prepare soil for tomato plants?

Prepare the garden bed by adding lots of compost (5 to 8 pounds per square .... Fill with soil , fertilizer, etc. Plant tomato and cover soil with plastic

Answered: How do you turn clay soil into a brick?

I have never experienced this but I will suggest you to check DIY processes of doing online.You will find many methods of doing this step by step.I would say when you complete doing this do share your experience with us.

Answered: Why is soil and water conservation important to the future?

Soil and water conservation, more appropiately stated, soil and ground water protection from man made contamination. There are also natural disasters that can cause contamination such as volcanoes, forest fires and natural from our soil, of which water movement will dispurse, both underground and ...

Answered: What type of soil is the best quality soil?

There is no best quality soil . For example, oranges prefer sandy loam soil , while apples are better off in a clay soil ; Rice needs flooded, water holding
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yes but to controll fungal groth you can use any dil acid to make water ph 6.5


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Can gypsum loosen clay soil?

I agree with clayton, use sand. And some organics.