how much weight has chris christie lost?

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Answered: Is Chris Christie's Weight Relevant?

Gracious no. How very shalloow can one be................hummmmm looking at TV and listening to people about as shallow as a drip in the sink. Anywho no. There is no fat on his faculties and his weight has nada to do with his ability to problem solve or to do what is right. Hey if Clinton is ...

Answered: Who Loses after Chris Christie's announcement?

Nobody. He is not Jesus Christ even though a Superstar in the minds of many. It is his honesty and verbal attacks on our enemies the enemy of the people that brought him thus far. Americans are begging for a hero. Someone who speaks up and out and PC be damned and well it should be. Get off ...

Answered: How much weight has Gov. Christie lost

310 pounds lost ... so he is a little over half way to reaching his GOAL. He had gone from being shovel fed to just a big hand held scooper now.

Answered: Online Psychic Who goes by the name of The Extraordinary Chris'?

Has any one heard of the secret of the magic moon

Answered: Lost entire Account!

Hi there: My best suggestion would be to contact our Mail Support Team. They can be reached via: Please note: You may need to copy and paste this link into your browser. Thank you.
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Absolutely! His ego was writing checks even his 'power' couldn't cash. It wasn't because of his fooling around that got him kicked out of Congress and the Speakers position, it was his lack of ethics and hateful attitude to ANYONE that disagreed with him....and that did include other Republicans ...

Why is chris christie praising obama?

Obama has never done any acceptable job as president yet. As I hear it he is always drunk and forgets his duties.

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Our cross burning extremist few, who control all "thought" in the Democrats, have proven themselves unworthy of anything but death row in prison, death by lethal injection, and then eternal damnation, all carried out by means of law, inside one day. They brought that on themselves by means of ...