how much vinegar do you use to wash dark colored clothes?

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Answered: Washing colored clothes

Check out this brand new machine out. Its called LaundryPure its pretty dynamic.

Answered: I have been told not to wash baby clothes in ...

In my boys and girls baby clothes , I use some hypo allergenic soap for that I just bought in the super market.

Answered: Hop sackin' the cloth

Maggie- I figured that after a day, if anyone knew what this question was about, they would have given you an answer. Vlad sackin' the village.

Answered: Why cant light colors of clothes look good on a dark skin person?

things like mustard or light green doesn't look good with darker skin. Try either bold or dark. I wear alot of blue and black and teal also looks good with dark skin too. I think any shade of blue looks nice with darker skin in my opinion.

Answered: Washing machine online

You can purchase it from:

Answered: How can I refresh my wash, in the washing machine?. my face cloths when

Your washer could be causing the problem. If your washer smells moldy to begin with, your clothes will definitely smell the same. Clean your washer first to avoid this problem. As for your clothes, you can try using fabric conditioner during the rinse cycle. This should freshen your clothes up ...
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I've been looking for Heinz Cleaning Vinegar in ...

Vinegar, regardless of the brand name and other descriptive monikers, is acetic acid. All acetic acid is created equal. Most vinegar is a 5% solution of acetic acid.

Coloring fabric in a washing machine

go to your nearest DIY shop. Buy the paint (it comes in powder) you have to dissolve it in boiling water and place in the washing machine, add salt, put the material in. turn the machine on, set temperature to 80- 90 degrees Celsius, and that's it. make sure you use enough paint. I've done it many ...

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You can go to hooneybuy website

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I love purple and red but for eyeshow maybe a lite shade of purple very light I love red hair