how much tuition fees of holy angel university in angeles city?

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Answered: Do fallen angels live on earth, now with us? If so ...

You can not redeem yourself thru suffering, you IDIOT!!!You can be redeem thru Jesus Christ.Then UR redeemed, not before.

Answered: What is an incarcerated angel. Someone said I was this?

Incarcerated (fallen) angels are the denizens of hell, placed in prison by God Himself for their part in the Satanic Rebellion. Most have been apprehended, sentenced, and destroyed. There were not millions or billions before the beginning of material creation. There were infinite numbers of ...

Answered: Do You Believe White Spots In Pictures Are Angels?

I heard that white spots in pictures, are spirits.

Answered: Can you please tell me about the Angel Gabriel?

Esteemed reverend cooper and brother tony are the path to salvation!!!
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