how much to replace shocks and struts on 2002 nissan quest?

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Answered: Can you replace a distributor yourself in a 2002 nissan quest or do you

As you remove the distributor in any engine, it will rotate slightly as the gears come off the spline that drives it. If you don't put it back so it ends in exactly the same position, timing will be out. It can be extremely frustrating unless you've done it a few times on the same model of ...

Answered: How often should I replace my shocks?

'shocks' today are mostly hydraulic, to the best of my knowledge, and your vehicle's manual should say when they should be checked by your mechanic. usually after a certain amount of millage.

Answered: Driver's side door speak on Nissan Sentra

The standard car door speaker that size is 6.5". While I'm not sure if Nissan Sentra has a different size/place for the speaker, I'm quite sure its a 6.5" speaker. In any case, perhaps it would be best for you to consult with a place that sells car speakers.

Answered: Left knee replaced in 05/2002. Been having pains ...

My uncle had a similar problem before he using joint juice he got knee replacement after that he doesn't get the relief from knee pain. Now he feeling better change from his knee pain. Referral Blog is
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How to replace sensor on nissan frontier?

it is located under the intake manifold in the center (v6) and on the side of the engen block on the 4 cylinder it's a lot of work, but the sensor is located under the intake manifold. It requires removing the upper half of the intake manifold, the injector rack, the the bottom half of the intake ...

Shocks on a honda fourtrax?

They help ease the ride.

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