how much time will you get for a second probation violation in virginia?

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Answered: Can i violate probation for too much prescription medication in urine

What were the charges that lead to probation? What is the medication involved? Do you possess a current prescription for the medication that was found in your urine>

Answered: Probation violation

If you can't write the question in an understandable manner you won't be able to read, much less understand the answer. What the f*** are you asking?

Answered: Violation of probation

If you violate probation, you go back to jail to serve out the remaining time of your original sentence.

Answered: The second breach of ceasefire . . . this week.

Too bad our resident terrorist sympathizer, Tadpole, is so paranoid that the truth will come out. It has come out and you can't stop it no matter how desperate your occult false religion might become.

Answered: Dauphin county probation violations I recieved a ...

Yes,they can. You signed the RULES of PROBATION upon entering probation instead of going to JAIL. So, Don't be suprised that if you had 2 years left to be on Probation and it was a DUI that got you on PROBATION in the first place, that they just don't give you a Gagnon hearing and revocation hearing ...
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