how much sodium is a low sodium lunch?

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Answered: How do you reduce sodium in processed lunch meat ...

I am assuming you but this off the shelf? Next time you are at the grocery go to the deli and ask....they should have something...processed foods are often high in sodium and in general not very good for you. If you like turkey or chicken you can make your own at home by cooking the fowl and then ...

Answered: What can I do to correct a diagnosis of low sodium?

In an emergency setting, low sodium is most often treated with the introduction of a sodium chloride solution into the bloodstream through intravenous (IV) delivery. Additional treatment will depend on the underlying causes of low sodium levels.javascript:mctmp(0);

Answered: A Crohn's patient with low sodium 132, low ...

This is a very important question and I believe you should really seek professional answer to this question. It is crucial that this person follows sound medical advice.

Answered: Low sodium diet

there are a few low sodium salts out there. the best is perhaps LoSalt. It is only 33% sodium chloride and 66% potassium chloride. I use it and can't tell the difference and it's great for my dad who has high blood pressure

Answered: I have low sodium low sugar, low blood pressure ...

I think you have symptoms of low blood pressure meaning your blood pressure is abnormally low. I suggest you visit a physician.

Answered: Sodium

The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends a daily sodium intake of 2300mg. Most adults take as much as 5300mg per day which is 130% above the recommended level. This causes high blood pressure over time and is not good for people with benign hypertension and labile hypertension.
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I have personally never heard of such a diet for a dog who does not have a health problem.

Low sodium how to avoid it

a salty daily diet is usually recommended for people showing signs of low blood pressure . This helps with increasing sodium levels in the body which in turn helps with blood pressure.

My sodium is low,is there something i can take ...

Hi Rosie,Thank You for your responce, I had talked to my obgyn dr. and he told me to ask my primary dr. but i have to wait till jan. he is booked with people, or i should just go in as a walk in, to see another dr. Thank's again for the advice:))

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