how much money would $600,000.00 make in a month?

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Answered: How write and letters 500,000.00 dollars

$500,000.00 is five hundred thousand dollars.

Answered: $25,000.00;PCH GWY#2764!

You don't get it.

Answered: What would my minimum monthly payments be on $9.000.00 dolars with bill

PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI - Haiti's much-anticipated presidential election ended Sunday as broken as the buildings around the capital city, with protests flaring across the country and nearly all the major candidates calling for the results to be tossed out amid "massive fraud." Post Home Section ...

Answered: What is 3/5th of 47,000'

47,000 * 3/5 = 28,200 or: 3/5 = 0.6 47,000 * 0.6 = 28,000

Answered: Where can I get $14,000 for a $153,000 home?

No you cannot. You must sell it and pay them with the proceeds. I checked.
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How much interest would be paid on 15,000.00 in a six month cd?

It depends on the interest they offer. Right now you can get 0.1% from major banks, which would be $7.50 interest for 6 months. A credit union might offer 0.25% which would be $18.75 for 6 months. I have one credit union that offers 0.55% which is $41.25 for 5 months. So it pays to shop around.

What are taxes on 229,000,000.00?

That depends. Are those millions an inheritance? There are estate taxes if it's over $5 million. Is that yearly income? If it's salary, bonus, speaking fees or endorsements the top tax rate is 39.6% plus state tax. If it's capital gain the top rate for 2013 is 20% plus state tax. Investment ...

What is the typical monthly payment for Long Term Insurance

lenrobbins is right.. the monthly premiums really depend on how much you have decided to receive for yourlong term care needs,including the riders (inflation protection + other added benefits) You may check this out

Who will give me $40,000 free

But you won't find them here.