how much money does the Ad Council get from the US Government?

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Answered: Ad Scam

And after all that you didn't even mention the name of the company. Kind of defeats the purpose, Einstein!!

Answered: I m getting tired of all these ads opo ups on your site if you don t

AOL keyword POPUP lets you block popups, including a tab for AOL popups.

Answered: Council Tax

No way

Answered: I pay for my aol why am i subjected to the socilist non stop ads of obama

well quit and get a free service.Vote the boob out

Answered: Why does Walmart spend big money on PR ads when paying their employees Nyla-OW, please note that you are unemployed, and are considered unemployable, even under the low standards of Wal-Mart part timers. So, it is obvious why you feel left out, left behind, and left without an excuse for existence. That is called being a "leftist."

Answered: Romney’s ‘You Didn’t Build That’ Attack Ad Stars Businessman Who Received

And Obummer gave millions in stimulus money to foreign companies that went out of business and the money was lost. But that's ok, right? Wasn't the stimulus money supposed to stimulate the AMERICAN economy?
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Send in cash.

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