how much money do cherokee indians get from the tribe?

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Answered: Cherokee Indian Inheritance rights

No. If you aren't enrolled in any of the three Cherokee tribes, you are not eligible for tribal benefits. The Eastern Band might have per capita payments but the UKB and Cherokee Nation do not issue per capita payments to their members.

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My wife is cherokee but do,s not no how much ? How do u no

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We need more info. Like what these houses are made of and why. Are they made with mud in the early 1800. Was the floor dirt?

Answered: Why did Clear Bear Daugherty, a Native-American social worker of Juniata

No friend, the Cherokee were here long long before automobiles. One assumes Jeep named the Cherokee after them. I don't know a Focus tribe, and I am Indian, but I feel you must have misunderstood the word.

Answered: Cherokee Indians

I have been told my grandfather was an indian from ok . his name was Pybas could this be true
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Oh, I am sorry for my misunderstanding. Here is the website for the Native American Rights Fund. I'm hoping that they can give you the right answers. Good luck!

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