How much money did Leonardo DiCaprio make off the movie Titanic?

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Answered: Leonardo DiCaprio as James Dean

He was actually offered to play James Dean in a movie about his life in 1996 but declined since he thought he wasn’t ready for it yet. Eventually James Franco played Dean in a movie made in 2001.

Answered: Leonardo Dicaprio first Blockbuster

I remember him from "the basketball diaries".

Answered: Leonardo Dicaprio good looking?

he is beautiful! just stunning! ive met him in person and he is much taller than he looks onscreen. He is so handsome you have to stare.

Answered: Leonardo DiCaprio's Childhood

I think that it's not necessarily the only reason. I’m sure that seeing drugs and prostitutes growing up didn’t help but he was also a child actor. I think that the cynical Hollywood atmosphere for young actors is enough to make someone’s mind go dark. Besides, it could be his character itself.

Answered: Leonardo DiCaprio and the presidential campaign

Di Caprio is probably crying to sleep over Bush lifting the off shore drilling band, but I'm getting high on watching prices fall :)

Answered: Leo In A Dress?!

I love Leonardo DeCaprio.
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Do Kate and Leo have chemistry?

Poppie, Thank you so much for the answer. I never thought of that.....@ thumbs up....4u.G~

DiCaprio's Movies

His movies are tremendously appreciable.He has recently made a movie called Inception along with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ellen Page.He once again burst all the records by featuring in a Thriller movie.

Miley and Dicaprio?

Miley Cyrus is too young for him. Anne Vyalitsyna is Leonardo DiCaprio girlfriend now. She's the 23 year-old super hot Russian model. Leonardo and Anne were spotted enjoying each other’s company during a vacation in Ibiza, Spain.