how much levermere should i inject to control my type 2 diebetic blood sugars?

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Answered: Are there certain fruits someone with type 2 ...

Hi, At first I thought that your question was are there certain FOODS that diabetics shoudl avoid. Yes there is a extensive list of foods to avoid. Fruits are not on the list, only dried fruits, as their concentration of sugars can be higher than non-dried fruits, thus dried fruits should be ...

Answered: What blood type needs shot after giving birth

If you're O negative and your baby is O positive you may need a shot.

Answered: How to lower very high blood sugar numbers

I doubt very seriously that you are insulin resistant, but it could happen. It would help us very much if you could give us a detailed account of what your daily caloric intake is. Maybe you could just list the food that you eat and what you drink, including alcohol, if any,

Answered: Are there any other natural supplements or foods ...

Garlic and lemon are often cited as natural remedies for a variety of medical conditions, including Type 2 diabetes. See this article for more details.

Answered: How do I find my blood type on line through the Red Cross. My dad was

If you have donated blood then they already tested for your blood type. If you have a donor card the type should be on it. With one parent type A and the other type B, you could be type A, B, AB, or O.

Answered: Writing a book and need info. What is protocol of EMT when responding to

The true answer is it depends on the state. In RI if the patient is alert and oriented and able to swallow we give oral glucose. If they are not we can give glucagon IM. Paramedics can give dextrose in an IV. It varies fom stat to state and also varies with level of care.
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What effects does nicotine have on a person's blood sugar?

Nicotine also inhibits the release of insulin from the pancreas, a hormone that is responsible for removing excess sugar from a person's blood. This leaves the smoker in a slightly hyperglycemic condition, meaning he has more sugar in his blood than is normal. High blood sugar acts as an appetite ...

Healthy blood sugar treatment formula

what do you mean by 'blood sugar treatment'?


Hypoglycemia in diabetic patients most frequently occurs as a side effect of diabetes medications, and administration of insulin. An acute episode of hypoglycemia in diabetes patients can be often triggered by fasting or skipping a meal, having too small meals, consumption of too much alcohol, and ...