how much is the stipend on big brother 14?

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That would have to be in the Bylaws to treat Directors differently in how they can vote; the norm is that each director gets a vote on all matters before the Board to decide. I am not able to say it could not be done, to create 2 classes of Directors with different voting privileges in the Bylaws ...

Answered: Big brother 11

what has happened with the past people on BB11-I am sure many want to know-because of the baby to be born -Jeff & Jorden missed out on the New York shoe the others got to have-the checks were given the same night they were won-what the heck?????

Answered: Where i can download all the 10 seasons of big brother?

you can take the help from the source

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you can watch all the episodes for all the seasons of big brother from this very site: it is a real good site

Answered: When is the finale for Big Brother?

hey friend the best site where you can get all the big brother episodes online and also the finale too is from here :
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What is a stipend

A fixed sum of money paid periodically for services or to defray expenses.

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