How much is purpurex at walgreens?

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Answered: Are there any fromer Walgreens store managers that stepped down to

I know of 2 Store Managers that stepped down into a different position. 1 is now an HPS and the other is an Asst Manager. I am not aware of how that pay worked. The one that is now an HPS stayed in her current store and the other that went to Asst Manager relocated to a store closer to her house.

Answered: Fired unjustly & humiliated

not unless you skip work without approval,but the may have the right to let anyone go if they just dont have the hours budget ar pretty much any reason they are not a union job good luck

Answered: I was wondering why the managers for the Walgreen ...

Well I was an employee for Walgreens in Pennsylvania at numerous locations for five years. I was a manager. Let me tell you right away that Walgreens really does not care about their employees. I was fired in under the goofiest circumstances people ever heard of. I was also pretty much dispersed ...

Answered: What price did ray ban sunglasses sell for in 1960 and did they sell at offer ray ban sunglasses only $11.90 a pair. I would recommend these sunglasses to everyone. They are light weight and block the sun and glare. Great sunglasses. Buy them.

Answered: Does Walgreens pharmacy sell itching scalp shampoos?

Yes. They also have an over-the-counter one (their own brand). It's called Therapeutic T + Plus. It works pretty well for me.

Answered: I am in Oklahoma and at Walgreen's purchased a ...

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What is a Code 17 at Walgreens?

I found this answer at Chris Succasunna, NJ Reply » | Report Abuse | Judge it! | #14 Sep 18, 2008 I've been at working at walgreens for about 3 years now and have not heard a code 6 in my district either. at my store a code 1 means a manager must come and pick up money ...

What happened to the walgreens circular in the sunday paper?

Walgreens Don't want to pay to have color paper or make the circular have them print in new paper another words it gotten to costy to have the news paper print it out and put it in the paper

How do you get good quality ink toner and ink cartridges for your printer?

What is an ess field service manager for walgreens?

ESS formally known as DTR service manager would be over all the field service techs in the area. They are the ones that fix all the printers and computers in the store