how much is my zippo worth?

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Answered: Zippo Manufacturing Date?

the stamp on the bottom of your zippo means the letter the months and number the year of production

Answered: Alternative Zippo Fuel?

I heard that regular alcohol will work also. It's good to know in a case of emergency.

Answered: Can i return a broken lighter that i have been using for the past six

Zippo actually guarantees most of its lighters for life. You need to go to the Zippo website and find where to send itm how to send it and all that.

Answered: Zippo lighter location

These two sites have to do with your question.

Answered: How much is this worth

Hi Josh! I recommend contacting the Antique Roadshow to see if you can find out its worth. Good luck!

Answered: Zippo lighters

the letters on the left side of ZIPPO represent the month of manufacture, A=JAN. B=FEB. C=MARCH D=APRIL, etc. the numbers to the right of ZIPPO represent the year of manufacture older ZIPPO lighters use a different dating code
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