how much is it to be cremated?

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Answered: Are cremations really done in groups of 3? I was ...

I won't say that it has never happened, considering the high amount of heat that needs to be generated to fully cremate a body, but... Modern cremation chambers are not designed to accept more than one body, mainly because it is illegal in most places to cremate more than one person at a time. The ...

Answered: The trend toward cremation ash holder jewelry has ...

Your question references an article and the article has links. So don't you already know? If you are advertising these articles, please stop it. If you really want to buy this type of jewelry and don't wish to click on the links contained in the articles you're promoting, please do an Internet ...

Answered: Cremation Urns

My husband is about to pass away and I am looking for a Dallas cowboys urn as well. Anyone have any answers to help her?

Answered: What are the prices for cremation services in New Smyrna Beach

Here's a good price estimation from Ehow. The cost of cremation can be much less than a traditional burial. Two of the main reasons for the reduction in cost are a fancy casket is not required nor is a burial plot necessary. The cost of cremation can vary widely depending on the services that ...

Answered: Video on dog cremation

just watch a sample coming from you tube if ever they have, for you to know how is it done. try to make search about it. you just making your day disgusting.

Answered: Pet cremation

can I run a pet crematorium out of my own home?
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Buried or cremated

Hi, there is nothing in the Bible that says that we are not to be cremated. There is no Biblical admonishment against cremation. We do not raise in our flesh bodies, we raise in our spiritual bodies at the moment of death. But this raising is just our ascending to the father, it has ...

Dispute over cremation vs autopsy

Maybe states are different, but in two incidents recently, I personally saw that it did not work. A power of attorney make be revoked at anytime. It is a contract. You can't have a contract with a dead person. A durable power of attorney will get you through until the person dies, then it is no ...

Need blank pre-death cremation authorization form for individual to

The funeral home has all the necessary forms. If you wish to perform the cremation on your property, the funeral home will make the preparations, but you must have a licensed funeral home direct all services.