how much is an inground pool rum?

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Answered: How much land is needed for an inground pool in shelton, ct

When I was building pools in Redding and Grennich there was no size requirement on acreage, the pool merely had to fit in the yard with at least 15 feet to spare (including pool deck) between the pool and the property line. A custom gunite pool is easily adapted to any shape. I have built them 12' x ...

Answered: Must an inground swimming pool have a main drain?

The main drain should be covered with a pool drain cover that is designed to prevent entrapment. Is this what you mean by it being plugged?

Answered: "Looking for a solar pool cover 60 ft x 14 ft"

Hi, The greatest heat loss in any pool is from water evaporation. Any pool cover will reduce evaporation. Generally, the thicker, the better. Most high end pool covers are extruded instead of laminated. The extruded cover will last about two times longer than any laminated cover. As far as the ...

Answered: Converting to inground lap pool

I wouldn't recommend it. The above is a good start but isn't complete. Pools have stress working evenly in-to-out all the way around, with most of the weight at the bottom, and basements have stress working down from the edge where it was designed to carry walls. Pools have completely different ...

Answered: Cheapest place to purchase a replacement inground pool liner from? I'm

Hi Cindy! I see that your question was asked last year, and you probably already have a new swimming pool liner , but just in case someone has a similar question or you are still looking, try buying one online. Most sites have low or even free shipping on liners. Try I know ...

Answered: What dissolves dead algae in a pool? It is very ...

Don't dissolve it, FLOC it! That's not a bad word, it means you want to coagulate the fine material into big enough chunks that your pool filter can catch them, instead of simply passing them through. Ask the pool store for a "flocculant". And try not to smirk when you say it. :-)
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Chewy- All neighborhoods, cities, counties, etc., will have varying regulations. For your own protection, you need to find out what you need to do legally to protect yourself. Someone will fall in and drown. And then they will sue you. Well, not them, but a money grubbing member of their family that ...

Do above or inground pools add value to a house ...

Above ground pool are considered a liability and detract from the value (according to the mortgage companies) inground pools will cut down on your market but will add value

What size pool pump is used for 8000 gallon pool

For an 8,000 gallon pool, you will need to look for pool pumps that are 1 or 1.5 hp.

How much water does a 16 feet by 31 feet inground swimming pool hold?

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