how much is an 1878 L.P. Japy?

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Answered: In this era of the p.c. agenda police, how is it ...

Some people have something to say, Steve just says shit from sucking to many diks.

Answered: What type of oil do you use on the chain of a Remington pole saw model

Bingo! Any good implement dealer, particularly one that sells chain saws, will sell bar oil for chains saws. Most have it in either one quart or one gallon containers.

Answered: P card

The Procurement Card Program is intended to streamline and simplify the Purchasing and Accounts Payable functions by eliminating waste and low value activities. The Procurement Card is a tool that reduces transaction costs, facilitates timely acquisition of materials and supplies and automates data ...

Answered: What is this means A D I P guys

Accelerated Development and Introduction Plan Army Diagnostic Improvement Program Alloy Development Intercorrelation Program
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