how much is a Vintage 1 Quart Glass Milk Bottle Embossed Cow 1888 CANADA worth?

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Answered: Can i have a cow in tallahassee, fl

Depends on your location. Check the city ordinance at the Courthouse Clerks Office.

Answered: Cobalt Blue Bottle (Mifflene)

thank ya much Balrog. It's in pretty good shape to.

Answered: Do dairy cows produce milk year round

Yes, they produce, but quantities change during the seasons. Gopaljee Dairy Foods, one of the largest dairy milk manufacturer in India for more details -

Answered: Is Milk Good For You?

Raw milk? If your body can stand it, than maybe? I don't know. But even regular milk isn't that good for you. The NUTRIENTS in milk are, like the calcium, vitamin D type of thing, but that can be found in even greater amounts in soy milk. Regular milk is fattening and it comes from cows that have ...

Answered: Can i mix cow milk with the soya milk

Soy Milk is an extremely healthy alternative to cow's milk.
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Krishna Industries are Leading ISO 9001:2000 Certifed manufacturer and exporter of Dairy equipments ,Stainless Steel Milk Cans,Milking Machines,Milk Buckets, Milk Pails, Stainless Steel Milk Cans, Stainless Steel Milk Collection accessories,Bulk Milk Collers. They offer state of the art products in ...

How and when did someone know you could milk a cow

They saw calf's nursing and if they liked it maybe they would too.

How can yoy home can cow milk

The answer is: Take fresh cow's milk and put in clean quart jars and pressure jars 10 pounds pressure for 25 minutes.