How much is a 4 karat emerald worth?

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Answered: Bahia Emerald?

The Sheriff’s Department has recovered a stolen 850-pound emerald worth an estimated $370 million, officials said Friday. The stone, known as the Bahia Emerald, was unearthed in Brazil and is believed to be the second-largest stone of its kind, according to the Sheriff’s Department. The gem, once ...

Answered: I have always heard that karate was a great sport ...

Usually by the age of 5 a child is ready to begin marital arts. Let your daughters learn the arts and then you won't have to worry about them getting 'hurt' later. They will be able to defend themselves.

Answered: Old and New Karate?

If I am not mistaken I think it was Gichin Funakoshi who created that style of Martial arts when he left Okinawa to go to Japan to teach,which was put into the Japanese schools for kids to learn,so I would have to say probably back than he watered the art down so the kids would not hurt themselves.

Answered: How do I get a Raw Emerald out.

You have to take it to a lapidary. Do not try it yourself. This has to be done by someone who has the skill and the equipment. He can also shape or cut the emerald any way you want it. It is a highly skilled art. Local jewelry stores might be able to tell you who to take it to.

Answered: How much is this worth

Hi Josh! I recommend contacting the Antique Roadshow to see if you can find out its worth. Good luck!

Answered: Reverse Punch Single Punch Karate

Left Foot Forward Right Hand Punching, Left Elbow pulled back Reverse Punch
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How to buy an emerald in Cartagena Columbia

You must be very careful there are some that say they are in the trade only to lure you into buying fake stones. We here at can assit! Please send a mail to with a request for information.

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