how much is 5kg in lbs.?

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Answered: 90 lbs tp lose

Eat little amounts of food several times of the day instead of three large meals. This is simply because if you consume few amounts of food, your metabolism can keep up with you easily; burning down the food you eat, without too much effort. Aside from that, the foods are transformed into energy ...

Answered: Is the 22lbs overweight much for jogging?

jogging with definitely help you! keep it up and eat healthy and you'll for sure lose weight.

Answered: Bbw's over 300lbs

i am in too ssbbw can u help me tel me how i can get ssbbw sweet sexy white one

Answered: If i consume 880 calories per day, weigh 159 lbs, am female, and 68

According to your height, you should weigh no less than 140 ibs. To only eat 880 calories per day is absolutely ludicris. Your body will go into starvation mode, thats how we were created. Then your metabolism will begin to eat away at the muscle and then it will slow down. Try a 1,200 cal diet ...

Answered: A 5kg object on a string is whirled with constant ...

A 5kg object on a string is whirled with constant speed in horizontal circle? A 5kg object on a string is whirled with constant speed in horizontal circle. The circular path has a radius of 0.7m and the string is at an angle of 30 degrees with the horizontal. 1) Find the tension on string. 2 ...

Answered: WHAT IS 10% OF 15 LBS?

15 [lb] * 10/100 = 1.5 [lb]
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5kg of water at 150C is compressed isothermally in ...

I tried to answer your question but through an error on Yedda, I get only a string of question marks. With that, the best I can do is:

Where to get 200 lbs of potatoes?

Pat's wife sent him out for 5 pounds of potatoes. Hours later he staggered home with some potatoes. "Where have you been?" she asked. "Well, the bar had a special, an Irish 7-course dinner." "And just what is the 7-course dinner?" "A six-pack and a potato."

What spinner reel use a 20 lbs test line?

My personal choice is a Shimano Spirex. I like the rear drag best, it's easier to adjust with a fish on. Their medium priced reels last a long time, function smoothly, and will easily handle any fish you can catch on 20lb test line. You can get one for about $60-$70.