how much is 3000 kg in pounds?

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Answered: How many U.S. pennies to a pound?

Hi, I believe you mean 1 British pound how many American cents..... The current exchange rate is 1 British pound makes 1.96978 US Dollars.... or close to 197 cents.... Here is a site that converts any currency to any other currency, a very usefull site. Best regards,

Answered: How can i increase my weight? my present weight is 57.5 kg & height

I assume you tried eating a bit more than you're used to. If not you can try this but going to a dietitian is a good idea. This is basically what they do so going to get some advice seems like the sensible thing to do.

Answered: How many pounds is 2.640 kg?

1 kg is 2.2046 pounds, so 2.640 kg is 5.82 pounds
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What is 135 pounds in kg?

135 lbs = 61.2349699 kilograms You may be surprised that all these conversions are available in Google Chrome. Just type "135 lbs in kilogram" in its URL box and it tells you "= 61.2349699 kilograms" right up there as you type. Try it :)

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Mr. Webster, OronD is a he.

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