how much freon does a 1996 ford explorer take?

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Answered: My 1993 ford explorer 4.0 engine is leaking ...

Believe it or not, a bad radiator cap can cause that problem. Another thing you might want to check on. Once in a while a frost plug will develop a leak, especially in an older engine. There is a sensor, but I'm not sure just where it is. If you're sure the leak is on the passenger side, on ...

Answered: 2003 Ford Explorer drives okay, but tries to stall or even dies when

seen related issues with your problem and best suggestion is to replace plug will be supprized in better millage and performance plus plugs if havent had them changed for a while.

Answered: How do i put shocks on a ford explorer 2005

I'm not really great with cars. I'd take the ford to a professional mechanic.

Answered: Internet explorer cannot open the internet site htpp:\\

Praise the Lord! Microsoft has finally done something right!

Answered: How to take off ford explorer door hinge how do u get inside bolt for top

take the plas. panel loose at left side of emergency brake. pop the piece from the floor first then the side panel, you will see the inside.

Answered: Sudden chatter at front of engine ford explorer 06

Check all accessories as well as the main drive pulley. I have seen the front pulley separate and throw the outer ring off.
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How to repair a engine in 2000 explorer with vin

Well when i faced the same problem so i took help from , you can take help i wish it could help you.

Where is the chimes on 1996 plymouth voyager

Under the dash, google the manual to locate.

How to replace a speed sensor in a 1996 ford explorer 4.0 4x4

it is located on the transmission near the rear propeller shaft (drive shaft) output. It is held in place by a single bolt. it has a wiring connector attach. Safely get under the vehicle, remove the wiring connector, remove the bolt, pull the old sensor out. coat the o ring seal on the new sensor ...