how much does the costa concordia weigh?

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Answered: Is Costa Concordia the New Titanic?

Of the 2,228 passengers and crew members who set sail on the Titanic, only 705 Titanic passengers survived. 1,523 died.... Time to cut back on the peyote buttons, QOTD......... ,,,,,

Answered: What Would Be Sufficient Compensation for the Concordia?

Not a clue, haven't spent any time thinking about it. When did we decide that money is the only thing that helped us heal after a tragedy?

Answered: Would YOU Arrest the Captian of the Costa Concordia?

Yes definitely. TO think that his crew remain on the ship helping the other passengers while he was getting on the boat saving his ass off? I saw the news and saw that many of the ships crew are badly injured because they stayed on the ship and perform their best to save lives. Yes he should be ...

Answered: What do you think of Bob Costas's shallow brain ...

All Costas knows is baseball stats and pop culture. All Steve knows is whining and complaining. 2 one trick ponies who should be put in the same glue factory.

Answered: Do they have all inclusive resorts at Costa del ...

I know this is an old question, but yes, absolutely for anyone still interested. In fact if you need more information on all inclusive beach vacations at Costa Del Sol, just send me a message! :)

Answered: How are they going to remove Costa Concordia?

here ! read this
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What if I come to Costa rica by buss from ...

Yes actually with that return ticket is enough if they ask for it, cause retur ticket is required when fly in not when you enter in car, if you have more question ask this guys they now everything about costa rica they have free assistance services

What is the zip code to playa grande costa rica?

Yes, Costa Rica has zip codes but only the postal services in CR know about that, because we never learned to use it, we normally use another way.

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You can find great places here.

Do i need an visa from peru to costa rica if i am an indian?

Unfortunately you do require a visa. But check for countries to which Indians do not need a visa or can obtain a visa on arrival.