how much does soonercare pay for eye glasses?

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Answered: Which eye glass best in anti scratch and no peeling ??

When you say that you want the best prescription eyeglasses for anti-scratch and no peeling, you are actually asking about the coatings that are applied to the lenses. The scratch resistance is ability to resist scratching. Colt Laboratories is one of the top testing facilities for this type of ...

Answered: I need eye glasses very badly,asap!!!!!!!

Medicare will probably be of no help unless you have had eye surgery. If Medicaid doesn't help, try your local Lion's Club.

Answered: Laser eye surgery

Yes, of course you can go with laser eye surgery. This technique takes less than 30 minutes to perform and is very effective. Most survey show that 92-98% of people are satisfied with laser eye surgery.

Answered: What kind of glass is used to make carnival glass

I think it is not the makeup of the glass, but the process of "pressing" that gives the shine typical of that glass.

Answered: Glasses

Better ask an specialist for that matter. Prescription Safety Glasses

Answered: Eye glass

It's not that good compared with new one.
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Try an independant optician to order the proper tool for you...or just put clear nail polish or loc-tite on the screw or nut and you won't need to worry about it. Stay away from Lenscrafters.

How can I benefit from pinhole glasses when there is still a need for me

JAD, YEDDA is a Question and Answer Forum. However, if you asked your question from a web site where you read an article and got sent here, those answering question here have NOTHING to do with, and have NOT read, that article. Therefore, we often have no idea what you are talking about ...

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