how much does sheen make on reruns of two and a half men?

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Answered: Charlie Sheen Fired: What Will Happen To Two & A Half Men?

If he won't come back, then they should drop the show.

Answered: Is Ashton Kutcher a good replacement for Charlie Sheen?

Whether or not Ashton Kutcher is a good replacement for Sheen depends entirely upon the role he is given, how well it plays into the theme of the series and how believable the transition is to the viewers.

Answered: How Can Charlie Sheen Have a WINNING Show?

GET LOST AND LET PEOPLE TRY TO FIND HIM. LIKE THE PINK FLAMINGO OR THE TROLL THAT ENDS UP HERE THERE AND EVERYWHERE. Hopefully nobody will look for him and he will fade away like the worthless piece of Hollywood flimflam he is. Lady Darko

Answered: What To Make Of Jon Cryer's Spoofs On The Charlie Sheen Situation?

With all the chaos surrounding Sheen, no one paid attention to the other individuals who were put out of work when Sheen went off the deep end. I think Cryer's sense of humor is the best way to go with Sheen so unstable right now. I commend him for being above Sheen's crap.

Answered: Who Will Replace Charlie Sheen?

Any drunk in the hoozer or any criminal in a line-up. And to think he is considered worth listening to on U-Tube boy howdy does this country need an enema or what? Oh wait, without all the crap there would not be any so-called entertainment. There ya have it. Lady Darko
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When "2 and a Half Men" resumes, how will they work Charlie Sheen's

The rumor I hear is that John Stamos will replace him.

Where i can find two and a half men episodes for download?

i think you can download two and a half men episodes from

Susan Blakely is the Love Interestof Charlie Sheen

She was definitely interesting on the show. She might be a little too old to be a "love interest" for Charlie Sheen on the show, but she's still a wonderfully talented actress.

The end for Charlie Sheen on "Two and a Half Men"?

This is just the start, larger audience, new scripts..