how much does savannah guthrie earn?

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Answered: 2011 & 2012 Earning Info.

You won't get any help here on AOL Answers. You should get payroll stubs from your employer, and a W-2 at the end of the year. And your tax return would show your income.

Answered: Income tax

If they didn't pay you until January 1, 2012, then the W2 was correct even though you were earning the money in 2011. But then the month of December 2012 might be paid in January 2013, so it is not unfair. Most people would prefer to have December earnings paid in January so it's not taxed right ...

Answered: How to earn money online?safe way plz.?‎

Brother you can earn online as there are many websites where you can use you skills and can make enough freelancer ,elance as well as there are also many paid to click websites you can also try these website.

Answered: I am currently in USA with H4 Visa, can I earn from online?

Ya but there are lot of SCAMS on web. i have researched for legit sites for 2 years. Now i have got some best sites that pays well . i am giving names of these sites because they are proved for paying and are legit according to my research .You have to click on ads on these sites.So they share their ...
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Create a blog, I already start doing it, I have a blog with PR 3 for now and now and then I make a new post for it with a maximum of five posts a day, then promote it, and now I start making from it from the ads and banners that was posted in it.

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