how much does rose revision gastric bypass cost?

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Answered: Getting a gastric by pass revision after age 67

I need a revision on gastric bypass stapling done in 1984 I am 67 has anyone done this at my age and why

Answered: Gastric bypass

I think you should wait at least 4 months as thats when you can start to eat normal but small. i have to have a reversall but wish i did not have to to have gastric bypass reversed its much bigger than the gastric op. Hope you can live with it i lost 36 kilo in 5 months wish i did not have to have ...

Answered: Does medicaid pay for gastric bypass

Yes. At least in the State of New York they will. They will pay for Gastric Bypass Sleeve (1/3 stomach), Total Gastric Bypass, and they will pay for the Band. You must lose a prescribed amount of weight before surgery. The doctor who is going to operate will determine how much that is. You ...

Answered: What would happen if I had gastric bypass with low iron

Kathy, They will start you on an over the counter iron supplement and if that does not change your level enough they will put you on a prescription in which the dosage is a lot higher. I also think there may be injections available. Just curious, have you already had your by-pass? It is an ...

Answered: I had gastric by-pass surgery 6 1/2 years ago. I ...

no, if you had the bypass surgery, a pouch replaced your stomach. Another bariactric consultation might offer all kinds of new therapies or procedures with you in mind. Good luck! suz

Answered: I had gastric bypass surgery 4 yrs. ago. Was ...

For a great resource, my wife, Lanah J. Brennan, is a dietitian on . find her on that site, she will be happy to help you. She works with GB patients all the time.
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A friend of mine had gastric by about 3 years ago ...

I had the same problem go see your doctor or have her take antacid pills they gave me something stronger that really helps..

Can you have gastric banding after gastric bypass?

Hope you are still out there. I think you asked this question eleven months ago. Well, yes medicaid paid for my Gastric Sleeve bypass. Yes in the state of New York most insurances will pay for Gastric Bypass. I don't know why each person stays or does not stay compliant to their weight loss. I ...

Vitamins after gastric bypass surgery

I HAD GASTRIC BYPASS 10 YRS. AGO, THANK GOD I HAVE NEVER HAD ANY PROBLEMS. PER MY DR, I TAKE 2( ONE IN AM AND I @ NIGHT )MULTI-VITAMINs. THE DR. SAid just get them @dollar store. the cheapiest is just as good as the expensive ones

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