how much does one square of hershey's chocolate weigh?

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Answered: Looking for a 25 x 20 square tablecloth

Lewana, go to any Walmart, type of store where they sell sheets and such. In the back they almost always have a section where they cut to ANY size, any material. You can have your 20x25 RECTANGULAR Square tablecloth. P.S. I have a table that is 25 inches by 45 inches, so I understand what you are ...

Answered: How many ounces in one Hershey Nugget?

Anonymous, With or without its wrapper on? Judy Sparky's Mom

Answered: When a recipe calls for hershey's Melts can chocolate chips be used

I'd say probably, but get milk chocolate chips rather than the usual bittersweet. And you might try softening them up a little in the microwave before adding them to the other ingredients.

Answered: Low calorie chocolates?

Mars Bars are low in calorie and they got all the different layers and they're so chunky and filling they really hit the spot. They weigh in at around 250Kcal though I've also had bars of Terry's Choc Orange (214Kcal) and Picnic (240ish), which have been okay.

Answered: It seems that chocolate has always been associated ...

No chocolate is not always unhealthy for the body. If it is eaten in a controlled way . Now in the market different sugar free chocolates , dark chocolates are available. They are tasty but at the same time healthy.Dark chocolates contain antioxidants which ultimately protects from heart disease. So ...
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Where to buy big hershey bar

Google Hershey Co and they can send you one.

10lb chocolate bar

try great thing is, they deliver right to where you want. good luck !

What is the history of chocolate?

History of chocolate ? By "Olmek" aprox. 3500 years, by "Mays" aprox. 2500 year and in Europe is history of the chocolate dated on 1521! From this year started globalisation of chocolate and is finished klasical history of the chocolate.