how much does mr.antenna really cost?

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Answered: I bought 2 watches ,and the cost was supposed to ...

AOL doesn't sell watches, so why don't you ask the company you bought them from like someone with common sense would do.

Answered: What is included in my AOL Cost

You mean besides the aggravation?

Answered: Cost for sports flooring

Check the price list on There are details.

Answered: 2001 cost of shingles

I think that they are up about $5.00/bundle.

Answered: Where's Mr. Roadshow??

There's a Mr. Roadshow column in the San Jose Mercury News.

Answered: From Dish to Antenna

dear friend yes. if you install a proper antenna on the roof [in the line of sight of tv transmitter],you will receive the local channels. sincerely rahmati [antenna engineer] from IRAN 10 june 2009
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Outside antenna signal clarity

In reality, any "Antenna" should deliver a Signal to Ur box IF (BIG IF) Ur Coax, twin lead etc. is in good shape. Use an "Ohm Meter" to test for continuity by shorting one end of the wires together & connecting the Meter to the other end. If it shows "Short" then seperate the 2 wires & the "Short ...

Magic TV Antenna

You can use amplifier to boost your reception and have a better signal. If you want to try, rent it first then feel the satisfaction before buying a right one.

How to Install an indoor HDTV Antenna with Dish ...

dear friend for better tv receiption it is neccessary the receiver antenna must be in the line of sight of tv transmitter antenna. an RF expert can use a low power MODULATOR for re radiating tv signal[received with roof antenna].try to find someone in your sity rahmati[antenna engineer] from IRAN ...

TV antenna install

Signal or frequency ampliers might help too boost up the signal. You can rent if you want to try its performance before buying those booster equipment.