how much does it cost to remove polyps in dogs inner ear?

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Answered: What to do for itchy dry crusty bumps looks like cauliflour inside dog

Hi the dog has a ear infection. I recommend you take it to the vet but if you cant afford that go to the pet store get some ear wash for dogs do not use soap and water it will make it worse then get ear meds for ear infection if you cant get it in the pet store go online to PET MEDS and you can find ...

Answered: I had a 4cm polyp which was discovered during a ...

It is possible. If you don't suffer any pain right now, it could explain it. You might consider having another check after 4 weeks or so, just to be on the safe side.

Answered: How common is it to see ear mites in a dog? I ...

Scratching,dark stinky build up, redness. you can always use prevention. Try this

Answered: I have problems cleaning my dog’s ears. What’s the best way to clean his

Their's a Virbac Epiotic Ear Cleaner For Dog and Cats.It is a Regular ear cleanser for dogs and cats.EPITOIC ear cleanser is a Non irritating cleanser with antimicrobial activity.The unique formulation of EPITOIC ear cleanser with glycotechnology provides non adhesive properties to prevent bacterial ...

Answered: I can

It may just be wax. Do you have high blood pressure? If it is really bothering you, see your dr to rule out any serious problems.

Answered: My dog died at home who do i call for removal 145lbs

barbara Asked: My dog died at home who do i call for removal 145lbs? You don't. Grab a shovel and dig a hole. I suggest one about 3 feet deep and wide enough to treat the odor that your dog will create as it decomposes.
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To the eardrum or to the possibility of recurrent infections.

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