how much does it cost to make a gold medal for 2012 olympics?

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Answered: Olympics medal

Actual total for China 88 (38 gold), second to the US 104 (46 gold)

Answered: Gold medal

i think of about 6 grams Imran

Answered: Where meryl davis got her olympic gold medal, crossword?

Meryl Davis won gold for ice dancing in 2014 in Sochi, Russia.

Answered: What is the price of the 2008 Olympic Gold Medal?

Hi, I read somewhere (can't recall where) that to cost of a gold medal is 193 US$. If I'll find the source I'll return. However we can work out a good estimate: a gold medal must be made of, at least, 92.5 % of pure silver and with, at least, six grams of gold. That means that at the current ...

Answered: What do you think of the 2012 Olympic torch?

Very nice and beatuful thing. Like a luxury jewelery.

Answered: International olympics

Norway is correct. The population of Norway is now 5 million.
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I think it's usually the USA that takes the most medals. However, I am hoping that Canada can pick up it's medal ranking. Especially since the olympics are in Vancouver!

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