How much does it cost to desalinate a gallon of water?

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Answered: What is Desalination

Florida, California, Texas, Israel, Saudi Arabia among many, many other places. for more information. Cost effective is relative to the location. It takes energy to do.

Answered: I bought 2 watches ,and the cost was supposed to ...

AOL doesn't sell watches, so why don't you ask the company you bought them from like someone with common sense would do.

Answered: What is included in my AOL Cost

You mean besides the aggravation?

Answered: How can sewer water drainage be higher than water usage?

If you drink something other than tap water, like juice, soda or bottled water, the water content will be in your sewage. Also the water content of fruits and vegetables, such as watermelon.

Answered: Cost for sports flooring

Check the price list on There are details.

Answered: Desalination?

You can desalinate sea water using a reverse osmosos system however, sodium chloride (common table salt) is very soluable. The more soluable an item, the more difficult it becomes to remove it from water. Desalinating sea water requires a well functioning reverse osmosos (RO) unit that is ...
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