how much does dr. oz weigh?

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Answered: How do i speak withother people who watch dr. oz

So when a recipe calls for 2 Oz of lemon juice, how does he fit in? Uncle Frank

Answered: Dr. Oz's e-mail address

On several occasions you have equated grain sourced Omega-3 (ALA) with fish sources. We agree EPA/DHA are essential to good health but I disagree with your stance that grain sources are as good as fish sources. Grain sourced is alpha linolenic acid (18:3n-3) that has to be converted through two ...
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I haven't read these. I tried reading Wicked but I just didn't like it. Anyway, I googled this for you and he wrote 4 Oz books. Wicked, Son of a Witch, A Lion Among Men and Out of Oz.

Who was on Dr. Oz show - Friday Oct. 18, 2013?

Either the Tin Man or the Cowardly Lion. Dorothy and Toto get Fridays off.

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