How much does an ekg tech make in sc?

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Answered: AOL Tech screwup (Bomgar)

Not to worry. They are making it better.

Answered: How do nurses aids do an ekg

I could be wrong but from my understanding the nurse would do the entire proceedure. This type of test is very easy to do. Its a simple ultasound. Therefore, i believe that the nurse would do the whole thing. The doctor would have to read the results and examine the outcome though. I hope this ...

Answered: Where can I learn to do EKG's in the Port Charlotte, Fl. area?

Nanci, I work in at a hospital in Illinois and they train EKG Techs on the job. I would suggest looking at your local hospital for a job in that area. Where I work EKG Techs are hired under the heading of Cardiology.
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